Yoga for toddlers

What’s up with this trend?

It starts with babies. Baby Yoga is very trendy and is intended to strengthen the relationship between mom and baby and give both time for rest and relaxation. It’s the same with yoga for toddlers.


Why Yoga for Toddlers?

Yoga and Pilates classes for toddlers use movement, touch, songs and games to support toddlers and their development. Selected exercises from Baby Massage and PEKiP are often added to the core content, for a healthy and happy development of body, heart and mind. Toddlers romp and play together with parents, and also find moments of deep rest.

But don’t imagine stretching exercises that you know from your own Pilates class. These stretches are not suitable for young children. Instead, movement, touch, songs and games are used

Yoga for toddlers can aid in digestion and alleviate intestinal problems. The tiny limbs are strengthened and the sleeping rhythm improves. Also, your toddler will learn the ability to interact with you and other people. Yoga classes for toddlers also improve the emotional state of the accompanying parent. Emotional health is improved, calmness, relaxation and well-being are increased, and the connection with the child is deepened.

Yoga for toddlers

What happens in the toddler yoga class?

Again, don’t compare an adult yoga class to the toddler program. In the adult yoga class, words are used to explain what the participants should do. When doing yoga for toddlers, the room quickly fills with meowing and most of the toddlers automatically get on all fours and do a cat’s back. Because children think in pictures. When they hear a cat meowing, they get the urge to represent a cat with their body. The teachers use pictures and stories and rely on the children’s empathy. Thus, there is also a lot of laughter in a yoga course for toddlers and it is usually louder than in adult yoga. In addition, the positions of the children are not corrected. Since they only represent what they imagine, there is no interference with the image. The body learns new positions and stretches, even if they do not correspond one hundred percent to later yoga.

In addition, the positions are not held for as long as in the adult yoga class. This is simply because toddlers have not yet been able to maintain their concentration for that long.

Parents whose children repeat yoga exercises regularly will soon recognize the positive effects of yoga: their children’s muscles become stronger and more flexible, their ability to concentrate improves and the alternation of tension and relaxation promotes blood circulation and thus the immune system.

Yoga for toddlers at home

Integrating yoga exercises into everyday life is easier than you think. Gratitude meditation is just one of many options. It is best to use this meditation with your toddler when they go to bed. Ask them three things they were grateful for today. When he has told you three things, invite him to close his eyes with you and say a mental thank you for each of the three things.

Yoga for toddlers works best when it becomes a part of the daily routine. Practicing becomes so natural. The time of day is not relevant and ideally depends on the rhythm of the small child. A morning grouch does his yoga exercises better in the afternoon and vice versa.

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