When is your baby ready for porridge and solid food?

So far it was clear: your breast or a bottle. At the age of four to six months, your child is now in the transition phase from milk to the first solid food – i.e. time for the porridge. However, the beginning of complementary feeding often represents a turbulent change. We will show you when it is the right time and what else you should consider.


When is your child ready for porridge?

At the earliest in the fourth month and at the latest at the beginning of the seventh month it is time for the first spoonful of porridge. However, keep in mind that this varies from child to child. Important factors are growth, development and the willingness to part with the bottle.

The first sign that your baby is ready for pap is, for example, when it no longer pushes the pap directly out of its mouth with its tongue. Even if she can put things in her mouth on her own and is interested in what other people are eating, that’s a positive sign. In addition, the spoon is correctly fixed with the eyes when it is led from the plate to your mouth.

All beginnings are difficult

Your baby’s tongue now has the task of pushing the mush backwards – many children do not manage this developmental step before the fifth month. But as the saying goes? Practice creates masters!

At about six months, your child will have the hang of it and can eat off the spoon completely by itself. Your little one is now able to keep his mouth closed and swallow the solid food.

You should be prepared beforehand, because the first meals usually end in a mess. Prepare yourself by dressing yourself and your baby in non-sensitive clothing.

Which complementary food is the right one?

Most babies especially like mashed carrots. Since carrots have a slightly sweet taste, they love it – they’re familiar with it from their mother’s milk.

In addition, carrots are healthy and well tolerated by the majority of babies, as they do not cause constipation or bloating. Broccoli, cauliflower or fennel are also suitable.

A small hint: It is best to feed only one type of vegetable in the first week so that your baby’s little organism can get used to the new food. In the second week you can add potatoes, in the third week meat etc. Give your child enough time to get used to the new solid food. Also, replace one milk meal per month.

fruit & cereals

A porridge mixture with fruit and grain is very popular with most babies. If your child’s stool is too hard, you can help with plum jam.

It should always be noted that you should not add additional sweetness, as the natural sweetness of the fruit is sufficient.

Of the types of grain, unripe spelt, spelled, millet and oats are particularly suitable for the first grain-fruit porridge. They are all easily digestible and also rich in minerals.

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