Dear Friends of Sanctuary for Kids:

As we enter this weekend of fundraising for Bishnu, many of you have reached out to offer good wishes and love. We have passed along your thoughts and prayers to Michael and he is touched by the support. He reports that Bishnu is currently off his ventilator and is in an induced state of unconsciousness awaiting surgery. On Monday, he will have surgery to replace bone fragments in his skull and to remove his right eye. The driver who hit him has agreed on a settlement which will cover some hospital costs. Certainly he will have much greater needs beyond the care at the hospital when he is recovered. It is too early to predict what state he will be in, but he will clearly be facing a new reality with new needs and expenses.
We have also had word this week of an urgent appeal for support from Next Generation Nepal. Over the past few days, NGN has  rescued 10 girls and 3 boys from an orphanage that was not looking after them properly. The manager of the “orphanage” was honest about the fact that they had run out of funds to clothe and feed the children and would have to close soon. That put these kids on a razor’s edge, as it was only a matter of time before the “orphanage” owners looked for other ways to profit from them. These kids were in the highest risk category of being re-trafficked, certainly to a fate far worse than the one they had found themselves in. NGN needed to act quickly before the children were forced to live out on the street or trafficked to an illegal children’s home where they could face physical and emotional abuse. They are now getting proper care and treatment in our transit home while we begin the hard work to bring them back home to their families who are scattered all over some of the remotest parts of Nepal. 
In the spirit of the generosity that our three charities always show for their community, we will also be sending support to NGN as part of our fundraising efforts this weekend. Amanda, Sylvia and I are continually impressed at how NOH, NGN and Asha prioritize giving as part of their work and practice. The Chelsea Center at NOH provides literacy, math and computer classes to women in the community and has become an integral part of the village life in Dhapasi. After the earthquake, community members were reaching out and providing funds and manpower towards rebuilding to other towns and villages. Even the children were included in providing support to neighbors and friends. Generous acts like providing schooling to children in other villages, or medical care to a child in need, seem to be just woven into the day-to-day management of their work, and are an integral part of Nepali culture. 
We again thank you for your support and love to our charities and will let you know how fundraising goes this weekend!