This is how winter holidays with your baby work!

White snowy landscapes, inviting mountains, wonderful ski slopes – winter holidays are great! But how does a holiday with a baby work? Of course, it’s still far too small to be put on skis. However, you don’t have to give up skiing until your child is old enough to ski. Just keep a few important things in mind!

Good planning

Good preparation is required, especially on your first winter holiday with a baby in tow. It doesn’t hurt to start planning up to five months before departure and to do research for a suitable family ski area. The right accommodation is crucial, as well as the right equipment.


  • suncream: The UV radiation is much stronger on mountains because the snow also reflects it. Since baby skin is still very sensitive, it needs double protection from sunburn.
  • snow suit: One-piece snowsuits with foot and hood are a good way to wrap up your baby warm. Underneath, you should put several thin pieces of clothing on your child, i.e. according to the layering principle.
  • Cap: Since most body heat is lost through the head, be sure to pack a warm hat for your baby. It is best if you pack several at once and you should make sure that the hats can be tied together under the chin.
  • mittens: Padded mittens protect baby’s little hands and are essential to keep your little one warm.

In any case, it is always important that your little ones are dressed warmly and adequately protected from the cold and UV rays.


If you don’t want to do without winter sports entirely, snow hikes are a good solution. In many winter sports regions there are already very good, developed winter hiking trails, which can also be used with a pram.

You can already pay attention to this when choosing accommodation and possibly consider a ski area with various activities. A welcome change for you and your child is offered, for example, by a swimming pool, a playground or a petting zoo. Take a day off from skiing and explore everything your hotel has to offer with your baby and partner.

baby care

Many hotels in Austrian and German ski areas also offer childcare for babies under the age of three, so that you can ski carefree.

During the care, your little one will be supervised by experienced educators, often also during dinner time or for a whole day. So you can get your money’s worth even with a baby on your winter vacation.

You should definitely approach your winter holiday with children calmly. Allow enough time for breastfeeding and changing diapers. The length of time in the sun or in the snow should not be underestimated either, as your baby is still very sensitive to temperature. Go tobogganing or sledging together, these activities are ideal for getting your baby used to moving in the snow.

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