The initial equipment is more important for expectant parents than for the baby

The initial equipment is more important for expectant parents than for the baby. Bodysuits, bottles, rompers, diapers & Co.: But what do babies really need? Some products are essential, but there are many things that aren’t necessary in the first few weeks. For this reason, we are introducing you to a few basics that you and your child should definitely not do without.

In any case, you should plan enough time for shopping and do it about four weeks before the expected date of birth. After all, you never know if your baby will want to see the light of day a little earlier.

Wrap bodies and rompers are ideal for the beginning, as they do not have to be pulled over the head and do not slide back and forth. If you have received clothes from relatives or friends that have already been worn, it is important to wash them twice before your baby can wear them. You should also be careful to buy your baby’s clothes one size larger, as babies grow faster than you might think.

You should definitely get:

  1. Bodysuits in sizes 56 to 68
  2. Rompers or pants with elastic
  3. tights
  4. Thin and thick socks
  5. Pajamas in sizes 56 to 68

One of the most important items is the baby monitor – you should definitely carry out a test run here before using it for the first time.

Of course, you also need a changing table, preferably with a padded changing mat. Another must-have is the nursing pillow: this will make breastfeeding a lot easier. When choosing a cot, you should make sure that it provides sufficient security. During the day you can take a cradle instead of the cot. In addition, you should definitely have several pacifiers available.

Small nappies, oil wipes and nappy cream: These are the most important utensils for baby care. In addition to a baby bath, you will also need a baby thermometer, bath towels (preferably with a hood), baby oils, a soft brush and nail scissors with rounded tips. You or your child will also need burp cloths, so you should always have enough in stock.

As you know, breast milk is still the best nutrition for your child. For this you can get some nursing bras and nursing pads and a nipple ointment. If necessary, a so-called milk pump can also be used, with the help of which the milk can be easily pumped out and given out of the bottle if necessary.

Of course you need a comfortable stroller for walks and small excursions. You should definitely test this beforehand and see if it suits you.

You also need a carrycot for your child when driving.

There is hardly a better feeling than carrying your baby close to your body, which is why you should also consider a sling. If you are not a fan of this, you can also get a baby carrier.

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