Maxill Finger Infant Toothbrush & Gum Massager – 6 Pack


Maxill’s Infant gum massager soothes sore gums and helps remove plaque. The brush can be made larger by placing it in hot water to make it more pliable. Be sure the brush is on your finger firmly to avoid it being removed in child’s mouth. Using light pressure, make circular motions on the child’s teeth and gums. Flouride toothpaste is NOT recommended for children under 2 years. When used properly, this brush will remove plaque & debris while massaging your child’s tender gums.
To clean, place this product in your dishwasher’s spoon tray
Infant finger toothbrush
maxill is an innovative and integrated manufacturer for many of the key consumable, infection control and disposable products lines used in dentistry. In addition to our own manufactured product lines, maxill is a distributor and marketer of a wide range of maxill branded products to the global dental community. maxill was founded in Canada in 1987 and now has direct operations in Canada, the USA and Hong Kong.


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