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Actually, you only know that from professional life, but also Parent burnout is possible. Simply not being able to cope with the child, one would say in German. Fortunately, this is quite rare. But you can’t completely rule it out. It’s good if you’re not affected by it yourself.


Parents burn out – the heteronomy

The Parents Burn Out Syndrome is not really a disease. It describes a state of exhaustion, usually triggered by stress. At first the parents are enthusiastic about what they are doing, in this case the child, but soon the frustration begins, they lose their illusions and finally end up in a state of depression or even aggression.

Can children really be so bad that they can put so much pressure on their parents?

If you think about it sensibly, you should rule that out. On the other hand, one can imagine that parents totally subordinate their lives to the demands of the child. In a normal child, that shouldn’t be the case. But when children keep screaming and don’t let their parents calm down, then such a situation can arise.

Parent burnout

It would be easy to take turns caring for a crying child. But if the apartment is so small that the partner taking the “holiday” still cannot sleep, then this is a very unfortunate situation. Here you have to turn on the doctor in time. Because such behavior of the child is not normal. It is important to find the causes so that the parents can regain their rights, in this case their sleep.

Parents burn out – what can help

Even if it’s difficult: the parents have to realize that it is their own assessment of the situation that makes them ill. “I can’t do it anymore” is the personal impression. That calls for consequences. Anyone who can still help themselves is not finished yet. But when in doubt, you need outside help.

First of all, even if it’s difficult: You shouldn’t let a child bully you. If there is no reason for the child to cry, even from the doctor’s point of view, then you have to let it cry out once in a while. Because if you continue to take care of it intensively, it may be that this is what prevents it from finally being calm. So you have to be able to bring yourself to let the child cry. It will probably calm down by itself, and you should use this time for yourself and rest.

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