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……..“Hope is one of the most impressive children, scratch that, humans I know. She has never questioned her missing feet, nor has she ever complained. When she falls, she quickly offers “I’m okay” for my sake, I believe, and carries on with a smile”……..”Anita overheard Hope’s new friend one day, in the innocent inquisitiveness of small children, ask Hope what happened to her feet. This is a question Hope has never asked us, though we were prepared for it, and as thus we have never provided an answer to. “I had an accident” Anita heard her reply, simply stated as one might say, we had pizza last night. Her friend said oh and they resumed their banter. A stated fact given, curiosity filled, and life goes on.
…………“The medical staff had high praise for Hope when they came to inform Anita and Sam that the operation was over. Back in her room Hope gives one thumbs up — she scores most everything that is
going on in her day by the number of thumbs up or down.

“……….Ishwar and his classmates have just completed their two years of “college”. Now they will begin University. Ishwor had taken the challenging science stream for the past two years, sacrificing free time, to achieve entrance to a medical science path in the university system. He sat for the exam, along with over a thousand other students and achieved the rank of 24th overall. He will soon enter Manmohan Memorial Institute of Health Sciences to earn his four-year Bachelors degree in Medical Laboratory Technology”

Also in this same class Sabina, another Science student decided to complement her studies by learning German at the Embassy here. She wishes to study nursing and wisely feels her best career move at this stage would be to do so in Germany. Sabina began her language studies a few months ago in addition to the mind-numbing course work she had”

Dhiraj – (Dee)
Excerpts from a letter to Papa from Dhiraj now working in Australia
……..“Dear Papa
How are you? I want you to know that I miss you guys so much and there is not even a single day I don’t miss u guys”
………“Life is moving on with a lot of interesting and new things every day.  I feel really blessed to have Laurie and Stan in my life and they have hearts of gold.
……There are 4 Nepali boys working there with me. They are paid $14 an hour…..Now I am trained and work hard and he pays me $16 an hour.
……….“Thanks for life Papa.
………..Thank you for everything Papa
A big hug and with tears on my eyes
Love you Always
Dee(That’s what everyone calls me at work)”

Nama is an athlete with natural talent, but he has become superb due to his commitment to the sport of basketball. At Skylark he commanded the courts and gained the awareness of college programs. He received a full scholarship at Morgan College, noted more for its basketball program then its academics, which are still better than the average…….Nama has also just completed his college classes and is looking at University.

Bimal’s art
This is a recent painting by Bimal. I admired it, profusely, so he gave it to me. I instead had it framed and it hangs in the Chelsea Center where many eyes get the pleasure……….Bimal, a very gifted young man who loves to paint, has had his own technical level increased remarkably……….Bimal has a sensitive artist soul with the deft touch of a great craftsmen.

Anisha & baby Sarika
“Anisha had been working as a waitress for several months in the late afternoons and early evenings while attending college. She works and studies hard. NOH has been supporting the babies at the quasi-government orphanage for quite some time. We thought the time had come for us to have one of our own there each day to make sure the babies received individual attention and our thoughts turned to Anisha, and when asked if she would like to do it she jumped at the opportunity.”

Mary & Laxmi
Read the full story about Mary’s quest to find her sister Laxmi
“Mary came to us from as far west in Nepal as the country goes. A mountain village without electricity, nor the sound even of petrol-powered mechanics. A peaceful place, but one that demands an abiding relationship with nature to survive in. I wrote a story about Mary and how she happened to come to us almost 9 years ago, leaving behind her father and little sister who was only 3 at the time. Mary often thought about her sister and over the past few months her thoughts were shared with us and we decided to try and find her”……

Read about– ”The Auntie Program”…….Late in the summer we turned our attention to tightening the bonds between the 250 women who attend free classes each day at our Chelsea Center, and the children of NOH. Ted Seymour, a member of the NOH Board spent a month here observing all of our programs and this idea was part of his suggestions. So, to this end we began the “Auntie Program”…..

Read about……October is the time when Dashain and Tihar are experienced in Nepal and India. These are 30-plus day festivals in honor of Gods, Families, and a small sampling of animals, the Cow taking the seat of highest honor. There are two days of particular reverence and tradition, one in Dashain and the other in Tihar.

Read about…”Papa’s House Bakery” – a new business – where they bake Papa’s delicious pies.

Also included in this update is a wonderful tribute to Sanctuary for Kidsin appreciation for your donations over the years which have made a tremendous impact on life for these amazing young people at Nepal Orphans Home.

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