“Operation North Pole is a fan-run fundraiser for Sanctuary for Kids giving you the opportunity to send Amanda Tapping a Christmas card in exchange for a minimum $10 donation to Sanctuary for Kids. Make a card, buy a card – it’s up to you; the goal is to provide a fun opportunity and raise money for kids in need this holiday season. 

For more information you can head over to Facebook @ facebook.com/operatonnorthpole, hop on Twitter @SanctuaryONP, or send an email to operationnorthpole@gmail.com.”

How it works:

– Make or buy a Christmas/seasons greetings card for Amanda Tapping – Make a donation to Sanctuary for Kids at sanctuaryforkids.org of at least $10 – please put “OPERATION NORTH POLE” in the comments. – Send proof of your donation either with your card in the mail or via email to operationnorthpole@gmail.com (if you send via email, make sure your full name is clearly written on either the envelope or the card so we can match emails to cards). Cards will not be sent to Amanda unless we receive proof of your donation. All cards will be sent to Amanda before Christmas; she will personally see every single one of them.


– Do not send cash or cheques; all donations must be made online.

– Do not send requests for Amanda to contact you

– Do not send letters with your card they will not be forwarded to Amanda

– Do not send gifts; your donation is the most meaningful gift you can give.

– Do not tape gifts to your card because they will be removed, even if they are small. 

PLEASE NOTE: All cards will be removed from their envelopes so please don’t decorate them. We reserve the right to reject cards that are inappropriate. If you’re unsure if something qualifies as “inappropriate,” please contact us.

DEADLINE: Please mail your cards by December 2, 2016. All cards postmarked on or before December 2 will be sent to Amanda, even if they arrive late. If you miss the deadline by a couple days but want to cross your fingers for it to arrive on time, you’re welcome to send your card late; but, your card will be returned to you if it arrives after we’ve sent everything to Amanda (mid-December).



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email operationnorthpole@gmail.com, Facebook facebook.com/operationnorthpole, or Twitter @SanctuaryONP.

Please spread the word