Month 28: Set boundaries and set rules

Certainly some nursery rhymes are already among the daily phrases that your child speaks at this age. Perhaps your child has already developed into a real chatterbox.

At this stage of child development, colors can now be distinguished from one another.

Don’t forget that the boundaries and rules you set in the early years will lay the foundation for good behavior in the years thereafter. Experts believe that the best way to teach your child good behavior is by leading by example. Try to be consistent and find predictable routines.

my own will

Your child’s strong will will probably increase again at this age. They can already express themselves well in language, so that you understand better and better what they want and what they don’t want. As soon as your child does not get a wish fulfilled, it tries to enforce it physically. Sometimes it kicks, bites or hits to get its point across and get its way.

This is where you need to step in and show your child the limits, but also show them a lot of understanding. After all, your sweetheart needs a lot of support in this phase of development, because it has to learn that its wishes are not always fulfilled. Nevertheless, you should let them have a say in everyday things, such as what to wear. In this way, your child learns that they are allowed to have wishes and can also demand them, which in turn strengthens their self-confidence.

month 28

movement and motor skills

Your child is now even more active and safer at the same time. It already walks with a firm step, is agile and even keeps its balance. Jumping and skipping are often practiced at this age.

What your child may not be able to do yet, and this is also quite natural, is to hold the pen with their fingers. Most children still hold it with their whole hand. You will see that your child will soon be putting the pen between their thumb, index and middle finger.

toilet and dental care

The majority of children of this age are already clean and the children can tell in good time when they need to go to the toilet. If this is not the case with your child, always take them to the toilet with you when you have to go yourself.

In some cases, a child can already hold the toothbrush and brush their little teeth by themselves. You can consider getting your child an electric toothbrush to make brushing their teeth easier. However, you absolutely have to clean up again in the initial phase.

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