Dear friends and supporters;

This is such a difficult message to write.

As many of you already know Sanctuary for Kids is closing its doors at the ends of this year.  We have had an incredible 10 years.  We’ve raised over a million dollars and have helped hundreds of people in need.  That is to say, YOU have done this. Your incredible support and enthusiasm for our grassroots organization has been overwhelming to say the least.

We have been so fortunate to work with the charities we support.  Nepal Orphans Home, ASHA Nepal, Next Generation Nepal and The Watari Foundation have all become to so close to our hearts.  Their selfless work on behalf of those in crisis has been uplifting. Through their stories we have been taken on remarkable journeys that have taught us about kindness in dire circumstances and the great resilience of the human spirit.  It has been humbling and eye opening.  And we are forever changed by this experience.

We will continue as individuals to support these charities and I encourage you to do the same if you can. While we ask that you close your PayPal accounts at the end of the month, we hope you can find it in your hearts to continue to help. The charities can receive donations on each of their websites. We have worked closely with them and we know how thoughtfully they use your donations.  Thank you.

There are so many people to thank for helping us along the way. Not the least of which is GABIT Events for their tireless organization of the AT events and the running of our merchandise store. Julia Hague, Becky Preen, Kay Jacobs and John Goode have been instrumental in our success. To all the staff and volunteers and attendees at the GABIT events my heartfelt thanks.  Years of laughter, tears and wonderful friendships.  It’s hard to put into words what these events have meant to me. Suffice to say you are all angels and I am a better person for having met all of you. Thank you. Thank you to all of our monthly donors.  I recognize what a big commitment it is to give every month and I am so grateful. Thank you Jennifer Scheffler for organizing our social media and our seasonal campaigns.  Thank you also to Paul Reeves and Jenn for organizing and managing the booths at numerous conventions. To our friends who have held mini fundraisers in their countries and have helped to spread the word about us…Thank you. There are so many people who have given of their time and talents to make a difference and you have. You’ve made a huge difference. From little ripples we have made big waves around the world. I’m so immensely proud of all of you.

Jill, Sylvia and I send you so much love and gratitude.  You cannot know how much your support has meant to us.

Until we meet again…