2015 UPDATE – May 31st, 2015

The kids held their photo booth last week and it was a great success! The students and the staff at Longfellow Elementary school were very supportive and the kids earned $165 in profits which was donated to S4K This amount was also matched by a donation from the school’s student council for a  total of $330
The kids ran the photo booth, took orders and photos, figured our profits and explained to their customers why they’d chosen to donate their profits to S4K. To quote one of our students, Makenna: “Sanctuary for Kids wants kids to be safe and that’s really, really important.” Thank you Team Wisdom – this is Awesome!



April 29th, The 4th and 5th grade students of the Longfellow Elementary School’s ‘Entrepreneurs Club’  – in West Allis, Wisconsin, have come up with a terrific idea for raising funds; they would like to donate the profits from their “business” to Sanctuary for Kids. They will be operating a photo booth during the school day later this spring as their business, (the exact date to be determined). The kids are very excited about donating their profits to S4K!  Thank you ‘Team Wisdom’ – you are an inspiration