UPDATE – June 29th, 2015

Huge thanks to the team for organizing the event and raising $1,600

Participants: Team Switzerland: Claudia, Patrick, Claudia #2, Philipp, Patrizia, Köbi, Jaqueline, Martina and ROCKY Team Germany: Vera, Carmen, Kathrin, Natascha, Bea

Thanks also to the supporters / direct sponsors: Sara, Henrik from Berhaus Arflina and their fabulous team: Veronika, Nadine, Marc, José, Carina, Rosa, Gusti, Elena, Steffi, Iris and Sofia

Das Berghaus Arflina
For more pictures check out the Facebook Hike and Roll Album


Hike and Roll for S4K will take place on June 20th & 21st in Graubunden Switzerland – this is a joint team event from ‘Full Charge for S4K’ and ‘Action for S4K’

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Travel can be arranged from Stuttgart leaving Friday June 19th returning June 21st. For those travelling by train to Switzerland a pick-up can be arranged at Landquart train-station.

Accommodation will be arranged at an alpine cabin “Berghaus Arflina” – for SFR 30 (includes breakfast) This is a special rate and part of this sum will generously be donated to S4K by the owners “Sarah and Henrick” Check our their website www.heuberge.ch

The “Arflina” team will also be donating part of their charge for the after-hiking BBQ to Sanctuary for Kids.

Apart from swimming and archery, a professional basic first-aid course training course will be held on Saturday evening.

Please contact the organizers for more details if you want to join in the fun.




This fundraiser  can be sponsored until June 29th

“Please help spread the word”