Herbal remedies for colds in children

Coughs and colds in babies and children – who doesn’t know it? This is mainly due to the fact that the immune system of children, especially babies, is not yet fully developed. First it has to learn through contact with pathogens. In addition, there is the cold season, now the real cold season starts. Medicinal plants can help here!


Children with a cold often show similar symptoms to adults. Characteristic of this are, for example, a poor general condition, less or no appetite, coughing, frequent sneezing and runny nose. Fever is also a possible symptom of a cold.

However, you have to be patient until your offspring feels better again, it can often take a week or two. We have summarized a few simple home remedies for you to alleviate the symptoms.


Marshmallow can be good for a reddened throat, i.e. a sore throat and cough. The mucilage contained in marshmallow lies like a blanket on the irritated mucous membrane and so calms it. Thick syrups and lozenges are particularly suitable for this.

Linden & elderflowers

The tea made from linden and elderflowers is said to have a sweat-inducing effect.

The flowers can help bring down fevers in your little one. We recommend drinking one cup three times a day.


Sage can help especially with inflammation in the mouth and throat area as well as with a sore throat. Lozenges, gargling solutions and sage teas are suitable. The pure essential sage oil has an antibacterial and antiviral effect, but is not recommended for pregnant women and small children.


The active ingredients contained in cowslip, which ensure that the mucus liquefies, help. Cowslips can also be used for sinus infections.


Different types of wraps also help your child’s body by providing warmth. In addition, healing substances are transported to the diseased organs via the skin, nose and mouth.

Warm potato wraps:
Boil potatoes and mash them. Then place them on a gauze bandage and place a towel on your baby’s chest. Now put the potatoes on top and wrap them with a woolen scarf. Remove the wrap after an hour. But be careful: Make sure that the potatoes are not too hot.

curd wrap
Apply the curd a centimeter thick to a gauze bandage and wrap the mass around the chest and around the back. Also put a towel on top. It is ideal if you leave the curd wrap on all night long.

Cold lemon wraps
Dip a towel in lemon juice and place it on your child’s chest. Then cover the wrap with a second towel. After two hours of exposure, you can remove both towels.

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