Furniture that grows with the child: from a cot to a children’s sofa

When furnishing the children’s room, there are a few things to consider. Anyone who relies on furniture that grows with the child can expand and rearrange baby’s first bed over and over again. This is how high-quality furniture accompanies you for many years.


Cot for the infant

Babies sleep up to 18 hours a day for the first few months. When they are awake, their parents lift them out of bed and put them back down several times a day. That’s why the adjustability of the slatted frame is important: attached to the top step, it protects the parents’ backs. As the child grows, the slatted frame moves down. Then the removable slip rungs can also be used. If they are removed, the toddler can leave his bed independently and safely – because it is almost at ground level.

The junior level: safety even without bars

The child is too big for the cot, but still too small for a “full-grown” bed? We now recommend converting the cot to the junior level: the bars are then replaced by a safety set that protects against falling out.

With ladder and tent

The small ladder available for the junior level not only makes going to bed fun, it also trains children’s motor skills. And with a matching fabric tent, the cot becomes a playground. Or to the snuggle cave.

The junior bed: almost like the big ones

If the fall protection is removed, the 70 x 140 cm junior bed looks like the compact version of the later “large” bed.

Come on the couch!

Mostly in preschool age it is time for a lounger. Then the cot can turn into a sofa. In some series, the side and back parts can also be chosen to be extra high – for even more comfort when playing, chatting and cuddling.

Healthy basis: the slatted frame

The lying comfort is largely determined by the slatted bed base. PAIDI children’s beds are equipped with the AIRWELL® Comfort slatted bed base as standard. This is designed to optimally adapt to the growing body of the child – important if it is to be used as a junior bed.

The mattress also grows with you

The high-quality AIRWELL® mattresses from PAIDI have two sides: a softer baby side and a slightly firmer junior side. Horizontal and vertical ventilation channels in the mattress core and in the surrounding step edge ensure a pleasant and dry sleeping climate – over the entire period of use.

Sustainable and safe: that’s what matters when it comes to children’s furniture

In addition to practical and visual aspects, furniture for the baby room should be checked for harmful substances and safety aspects. Well-known seals of quality such as the Intertek logo for “Tested Safety” (GS), the RAL quality mark or the Blue Environment Angel offer good orientation – quality marks that all furniture from PAIDI may bear. In addition, PAIDI is the first climate-neutral children’s furniture manufacturer: the company has reduced all emissions and made them climate-neutral. It almost goes without saying that his furniture is child-friendly and made without sharp edges.

Built-in future: the availability guarantee

The cot has become too small? The toys need another shelf? No problem with PAIDI: The manufacturer offers a 5-year availability guarantee for every children’s room range. Matching desks, swivel chairs and mobile containers can also be combined with many series. The furniture grows with the needs of the child. A good feeling – now … and later.

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