Family – an important pillar in life

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The term “family” has taken many forms in the 21st century. We know patchwork families, single families, divorced families and of course our classic family model. But they all have one thing in common: love and respect for all members, big and small. But with the family comes a lot of responsibility and new tasks. It is no longer only about your needs, but also about those of others. Especially with babies and children, you take on the responsible task of ensuring that their needs are met – even if they cannot be clearly communicated.


After pregnancy you will enjoy the time so much that you may soon start thinking about having a sibling. The right one age difference between children of course there isn’t. Because every family is different and decides for itself when it is time for children.


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In her vlog on YouTube, Mamabirdie reflects particularly honestly on the fears and worries with the third child. It is important that you share your personal thoughts, fears and worries with your partner. You are definitely not alone in this.

love and sexuality

Love and sexuality are of great importance in a partnership. We don’t just mean physical closeness, but also cohesion and being there for one another.

One separation, even if only temporarily, is sometimes the only solution for some couples. Does it even come to divorce, you not only have to consider the emotional act when separating, but also the legal one. Even alimony should be clarified as soon as possible in order to save yourself unnecessary stress later. Even before you agree to an agreement, you should decide about your Expectations to inform. You can also apply for support from the Austrian child and youth welfare service. This accompanies you on the way to representing the rights of your child.

But the joy and excitement can also distract attention from the partnership. Small gifts or gifts can bring the focus back to you as a couple during this phase. It is important not to lose sight of each other as a couple and for relaxing moments for two care for. Your partnership is the basis for yours parentingnot the other way around.

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In addition to the classic family pictures, other models are also being used. Every second marriage in Austria ends in divorce, more and more single parent live their life as a family with the children, completely on their own. Often pitied in society, many are Happy singles with children and content with the life they’ve built for themselves.

Patchwork families are also no longer a rarity. Both have learned from the mistakes in the first relationship or marriage and are now ready to start this adventure together. Of course, love between a couple also includes Sexuality.

For some, contraception while breastfeeding and after pregnancy is a closed book. When can you get pregnant again? Is there a pillthat is compatible with breastfeeding? Does Sex After Pregnancy Hurt?

Fathers often need help and advice too. The father happiness doesn’t have to turn out to be lucky. Fathers should do the same advice and action to be stood by like women. They often do not express their fears, thoughts and worries to the outside world. It’s important to take every emotion in a relationship seriously. fatherhood is a big step for men.

You can your pets on the baby preparebut mostly dogs and cats are pretty relaxed when a baby moves in.

Marry with a child

Getting married is no longer part of the life plan for many couples. But if you have children, things are different. Tax advantages, simplified circumstances in emergencies. A married couple has an easier time as parents than a single one. Many couples choose to marry after childbirth. It is also becoming more and more common for couples to plan a special program for children for their wedding day. These forms of childcare are particularly popular with the little guests. We have summarized for you which wedding trends are still valid in 2019 and what you should consider as a guest at a wedding in 2019.

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care for your baby

With starting a family comes fears about the financial future. You are now afraid of things that you have not given much thought to before. What happens if my partner dies? What do we do in case of serious illness? These questions and more can keep you awake at night. But you don’t have to – with the right one retirement plan you can prepare financially for all these hardship cases.

If you don’t have an overview of your monthly expenses, a family financial plan can help you. A financial plan helps you find out what’s really happening with your money each month.

The most important thing is probably the writing of a will, in which you state who will have custody of your children, which assets you want to divide up and how, etc. Writing one is not that difficult and does not require a lawyer.


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The Chamber of Notaries for Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland explains in a video on YouTube what changes there were in 2017 in the form of inheritance law and why a will makes sense for families in particular.


allowances for families

The role model of the woman who stays at home and raises the children has long since been overtaken by other models. Today, as a woman, you have every opportunity to shape your life the way you want it. Inform yourself early.

During or after your waiting period, you have the option of educational leave to claim. But others too Continuing Education Offers you can start at any time. So set the course for your future for yourself and your family so that you can first working day after the waiting period are well prepared.

A family puts a huge strain on the household budget. After all, an additional member has to be cared for while the mother’s income is lost. Therefore, an extensive system is in place in Austria aid given to ease the financial situation.

But also one or the other Saving tip can young parents help. Parents of disabled children are entitled to special support. Find out everything you need to know about your entitlements so that you don’t miss out on any money.


Holiday with baby

Finally holidays! Up to now you have certainly given up a lot because of your child. Being a mother or father also means having a full-time job. You have well earned your vacation, but the first vacation with your baby also means a change. Traveling with your child makes completely different demands on the choice of a vacation spot than you are used to. But how exactly should the first holiday with your baby look like? If you pay attention to a few important things, you don’t have to do without anything. When it comes to packing your suitcase, many women have their problems. Having a baby doesn’t make things any easier. On the contrary, because now we have to pack for two people. With the help of our checklist you can plan your holiday optimally and you won’t forget anything.

From three months, nothing stands in the way of a trip. Of course, the attending pediatrician has to give his OK, but normally you can look forward to days off under the southern sun. How about Spain, for example? Holiday destinations that are further away can be reached quickly and easily by plane and instead of cloudy winter weather, you can enjoy the warm sandy beach under your feet.

In winter, a skiing holiday with your children is also suitable. What could be nicer than fleeing to your home environment and letting off steam? However, a skiing holiday with children is only possible when your child is old enough to ski themselves. Depending on the snow conditions, you can also learn this at home. Otherwise, you can of course book a ski school or ski lessons for the child at the holiday destination. There are numerous family-friendly accommodations among the hotels for ski holidays in Austria.

If you are one of those people who like to spend time in the mountains, a holiday in the mountains is also suitable. After the birth, the question often arises as to whether it would be better to forego a holiday in the mountains with the baby. However, the concern is unfounded. If a few things are taken into account, nothing stands in the way of hiking fun with small children and your child will also enjoy the fresh mountain air.

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