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If you have one side trip with his infant planning, there are a few things to keep in mind that you shouldn’t forget. Regardless of whether the weather is nice or not, your favorite cuddly toy, pacifier and a few snacks are a must. If you don’t forget a few things when planning the trip, nothing can go wrong.

What should not be missing on the trip

The first question is how long the side trip will take time and whether you spend more time outdoors or have a roof over your head. But of course the time of year is also very important when choosing clothes. In summer you should not forget a thin jacket and a blanket if the destination is colder than expected. A parasol for the stroller, sunscreen and a sunhat or, if it rains, a raincoat should always be with you. In winter, warm clothing with a hat, gloves, warm socks or shoes is very important. An additional warm blanket for the stroller is also recommended.

In the backpack for the side trip definitely includes everything so that one dem infant can prepare his usual meal.

For bottle babies:

  • a thermos with warm water
  • a can of powdered milk
  • and a bottle

If the bottle has already been replaced by a glass, don’t forget the spoon. Thermal containers in which the preheated glass can be kept warm for a few hours are very suitable for excursions. Furthermore, of course, enough diapers, cleaning cloths and possibly spare clothes should also be packed, because even the best diaper can leak. So that the child does not get bored during the car ride, the favorite toy and, if necessary, the pacifier should not be missing.

Excursion with baby

Excursions with a baby when the weather is nice

When the weather is pleasantly warm, there are many things you can do with your toddler. An adventure or fairytale park is always a welcome destination for all children, big or small, and many parents like such a trip too. If your child likes to see animals, we recommend a trip to the zoo or petting zoo. In the Tiergarten you can see the large and beautiful animals up close, which you usually only see in picture books. But a trip to the nearest farm is usually just as nice as the zoo.

When the weather is nice, you can also go to a swimming pool with your offspring. Splashing around in the sun and playing in the sandbox is always a highlight for many children. A boat or boat trip on a nearby lake or river can also be very relaxing for a baby. The rocking of the waves has a particularly calming effect on some children. But sometimes the best destination is the playground around the corner where the bundle of joy can have fun with his friends.

Excursions with a baby in bad weather

If the sun isn’t smiling so happily and you still don’t want to stay at home, we have a few tips for you here too.

An indoor playground is a very popular destination when it is raining or bad weather. Here, both big and small children can let off steam and try out many toys, while the parents retire to the restaurant or spend the day with their little ones on the playground.

A visit to the thermal baths is usually very relaxing and also healthy for you and your baby. Here you can go swimming even in rainy weather. Babies love to splash around and frolic in the water, and you and your child will also benefit from the invigorating power of the thermal water. The circus is in town! Whether it’s the clowns who are always in a good mood and who can juggle, or the acrobats who perform breathtaking tricks, there is something for everyone at a visit to the circus and it remains an unforgettable event.

A visit to a museum is also a very nice destination when it’s not that nice outside. There are many offers that are made especially for children. Here knowledge is brought closer to you in a playful way and supports the children to arouse their interest. The children also always enjoy a visit to the children’s or puppet theater! Whether dragons, witches, fairies or talking animals, there are no limits to the imagination. There are also all kinds of children’s theatres, whether you want to join in and sing along or simply marvel as an observer, there is something for everyone, big or small.

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