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the Checklist for buying a stroller shows you what you should pay particular attention to when buying a pram, pushchair or jogger. Above all, pay particular attention to the point of safety. Safety on and off the road is an important issue – especially when it comes to your baby.

Checklist for buying a stroller: Safety first!

The one in question stroller should definitely be awarded a TÜV/GS seal. These prams are checked by an independent testing agency. Also important for safety: a low center of gravity so that the stroller cannot easily tip over. A large wheelbase guarantees reduced willingness to tip over. A hand and a parking brake should definitely be available so that the stroller can not only be stopped, but also parked safely. A modern belt system must secure the offspring. To ensure that the stroller does not suddenly collapse, the joints must be fitted with appropriate safety devices.

Checklist for buying a stroller

Checklist for buying a stroller: Equipment for your all-weather fun

First of all, you should clarify whether the eligible stroller fits in your car. Check how and, above all, how quickly the stroller can be folded up or assembled. Absolutely important: Check the weight of the stroller! Also of importance: What accessories are available for the stroller? Rain protection, footmuff, parasol, etc.? Can you add a kiddy board to the stroller so an older sibling can ride along? Ask yourself whether the wheels are suitable for your needs (city, gravel, off-road).

Checklist for buying a stroller: user-friendliness and comfort

Not only the offspring should be happy with the stroller to have! Check whether the push bar can be adjusted in height and pivoted. How easy is it to care for the fabrics and materials: Can the stroller covers be removed for washing? If so, is it quick and easy, or does the stroller have to be partially disassembled? And finally: What about the environmental compatibility and the pollutant test? Unfortunately, a test of prams in 2009 showed that many of the materials used, especially in the upholstery, emit pollutants. Ask persistently!

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