Once again Donna Carr spent quite a lot of time raising money for S4K – $1000 for recycyling cans and bottles and accepting generous donations from other sources – for a very impressive total of $1,300.25


This is Donna’s account.

“I raised $1000.00 from recycling empty bottles and cans that friends and family members donated to me as a continued extension from the previous Caring Cans for S4K that I did in 2014.

$ 200.25 was donated in honour of my friend Penny (You may recall she was a friend of mine who was killed when her friend scared her with a frog and she jumped in front of a truck) The funds for this donation where made through jewelry items I made.

25 cents from a little 4 year old I met in the grocery-after a long discussion with her grandma about S4K. I gave the little girl my bracelet I was wearing in turn she told me to give the money to the kids that she really did not need her gum ball”.

And lastly Penny’s mum donated $100 in Penny’s honour”

We thank you all so much.