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For nine months, the anticipation of the long-awaited offspring has prevailed, and yet the diagnosis comes unprepared and is always a slap in the face for new parents. It doesn’t matter whether one of the many check-ups during pregnancy reveals that the unborn child has a more or less severe disability or whether there are complications at birth with serious consequences for the offspring. Young mothers and fathers are suddenly confronted with a disabled child. Life as it used to be no longer exists. But a different everyday life will find its way into the family and even if you can’t imagine it at first, there will be many good and funny days in addition to the many efforts, worries and tears. Just like any other parent-child relationship.

Identify child care needs

So that one is at least financially secure in this difficult situation, parents apply for grants and care allowance for their disabled child. For this it is necessary to determine the respective level of care. The development of the sick offspring is compared with that of a healthy person of the same age. The additional expenses in terms of personal hygiene, nutrition, care expenses and mobility are recorded in different stages and ultimately also determine the amount of the subsidies to which they are entitled. The possible bandwidth ranges from care level 1 to home care or even full in-patient care. 24-hour care may also be necessary under certain circumstances and for individual clinical pictures.

care needs of children with disabilities

Living with a disabled child

Nobody wants offspring with physical and mental disabilities. If an abortion is no longer possible or if abortion is not compatible with the parents’ beliefs, a disabled child is guaranteed to find a place in the family. However, the parents must be aware that from now on they will adjust their own lives entirely to the needs of the newcomer to earth. Caritas and the relief organization and other associations support families in everyday life and young mothers and fathers should not be too proud to accept this help. Because at some point they too will be at the end of their strength. This is where professionals who deal with such situations every day give new energy. And despite all the efforts, every child is a gift and is therefore very welcome in this world.

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