If you feel passionate about our work, and would like to contribute, we invite and challenge you to do so. Any group that would like to raise money for Sanctuary for Kids, in any fashion they choose, will be able to share their experience on our community blog. Just send us updates and photos and we will gladly post them

Many people have asked what they can personally do to raise money for Sanctuary for Kids. We feel honoured that you would like to organize an event which would benefit us. You can get as creative as you would like. Many supporters have used their talent in the creation of crafts to raise money for S4K

Perhaps achieve a personal goal and get people to sponsor you, bike, run, swim and invite friends to join you. We love the idea of people improving their health while raising money for S4K.

Please check out previous inventive success stories on our community blog.

Promoting Your Event

We ask you to follow a few simple guidelines for promoting your event:

First, your promotional material must always make clear that Sanctuary for Kids is the beneficiary of the money raised at the fundraising event. We are never a sponsor or partner or organizer of the event itself. This is very important and, thus, we ask that you send us all of your promotional material prior to printing or distribution.

Second, use of the Sanctuary for Kids logo also requires our express consent.

Third, you can be as creative as you want in fundraising ideas, but we cannot sanction any merchandise related to ‘branded media’.

Please understand, we are honoured that you would like to give your time and energy to our organization and help us in this way. We are so grateful. Nonetheless, legal considerations prevent us from having you represented (in posters, or programs, or invitations) as “agents” or “representatives” or “co-sponsors” of S4K. This is why we must insist on these clarifications.

Promotional Material

Here are a few documents to support your event:


Fundraising Event Letter of Understanding (Must be signed and received before event)
Sponsorship Form


Songs and Stories, Love and Hope

  A Benefit for Healing Families This wonderful and timely event was held on July 4, 2018  at the BMO Theatre Centre in Vancouver, BC All proceeds were donated to K.I.N.D. (Kids In Need of Defence) and the VACFSS (Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services...

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What an weekend! An enormous thank you to Julia and the wonderful folk at GABIT who outdid themselves once again and created an outstanding event at the Renaissance Hotel Heathrow in London, UK. There was much laughter, many tears, adorable dogs and puppies - a...

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Mystery Box  

Krystle from has come up with a ‘Mystery Box’ fundraiser. From now until April 15th - donate directly through the Sanctuary for Kids website using the donation fund “Mystery Box” and your name will go into a draw for one of the mystery...

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Scuba Diving for S4K

Between June 11th and June 14th - "Action for S4K" are teaming up with "Neptunes Diving Malta" to take part and hopefully pass their "PADI Open Water Diver Course" in Malta. Hopefully some more dives will be on the cards afterwards. More details on "Scuba Diving for...

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B & B School 2 Final did it! - Thank-you, thank-you everyone who participated in our winter campaign for 2017/18 - your raised a fantastic $15,230 - you finished off with a flourish donating $700 for supplies, thanks to Scott Crist and Wendy Unrue, also some anonymous donors,...

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Biathlon for S4K _5 Update

Congratulations and thank you so much to our loyal "Action for S4K"  fundraisers who raised $1,115 at their 5th Biathlon. Terrific, we hope you all had a great time. You can check out pictures and videos at ...

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Bricks & Blocks School 2

Hi Everyone!  It’s that time of the year again!  “Bricks and Blocks” Our S4K ‘Virtual’ School was such a success last year that we thought we should build another for our winter campaign 2017/18. It is symbolic of how important education is to our charities. It will...

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Biathlon # 5

Coming up on February 3rd & 4th 2018 Time flies: This will be the 5th Biathlon Workshop in aid of “Sanctuary for Kids”. EVERYONE is welcome to participate! It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a pro… A full weekend of fun and winter-sports in Germany's...

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S4K Detective Game Update

Congratulations and a big thank-you to "Action for S4K" on another successful event. The S4K Detective Game raised a $1000 - we also thank their wonderful partners "Spurenleser", who not only worked out the challenge free of charge, they also donated the event's...

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Hand-made Key Fobs

Natasha Brown creates these unique key-fobs using scraps of material donated by 'sewing' friends. For a $15 donation to S4K (please mark 'key-fob' as the fund on the donations page). You can order one from Natasha by emailing her at...

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The S4K Detective Game

The S4K Detective Game Action for S4K’s next event - this sounds fun! and of course all money raised, will go to “Sanctuary for Kids”. Everyone is welcome to join in. So, if you are free on October 1st and happen to be in the Stuttgart area, why not take part in this...

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Splashdiving 2 and Loving the Peace Bomb

Another successful event for Bea and Carmen – The total raised for their "Splashdiving_2 and the Loving PeaceBomb" fundraiser on July 29th and 30th, was $575. Bea wrote “Considering the tiny timeslot we had, we are really, really happy. And everyone had so much fun!...

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When You “Like” Someone

Big thank you to Donna Carr who raised $300 through her Facebook challenge (donating $1.00 for every ‘like’ she received) and through the sale of her bracelets and keychains - and including LOL - $16 for two packages of 'blue...

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Donations 4Bishnu & NGN

YOU made it happen! raising $2,115 over just two days to our '4Bishnu' fundraiser - which S4K will match. Therefore we are donating  $4,230 to Nepal Orphans Home for Bishnu.  We are also making a special $4,000 donation to Next Generation Nepal for the 13 new...

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Paragliding total

Big thank you to Action For S4K for their latest fundraiser #ParaglidingForS4K and raising a total amount of $1605cdn. Check out their website for photos and updates of their adventure....

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Update – News from Nepal

Dear Friends of Sanctuary for Kids: As we enter this weekend of fundraising for Bishnu, many of you have reached out to offer good wishes and love. We have passed along your thoughts and prayers to Michael and he is touched by the support. He reports that Bishnu is...

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Action for S4K – Splashdiving – PeaceBomb

"Action for S4K!" will to be back on the springboard / platform - July 29th/30th for "The World Championship Splashdiving Championship 2017" In addition to participating, they teamed up with for the following international join-in activity in aid of...

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Bottle Drive – Update

13 year old Helen Connell's goal was to raise $200 US for S4K through her bottle drive, she actually raised $229.50 US. - Awesome Helen!  - thank you so...

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UPDATE: Cycle to the Sun

So pleased to announce that Lisa Gallant's "Cycle to the Sun" fundraiser in the beautiful island if Maui raised a grand total of $2,750 CAD. Absolutely fantastic!  Thank you so much and congratulations!......You can check Lisa's journey out on her blog...

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Sanctuary Blanket Raffle

Manuela Santos - raised $540 by raffling off this Sanctuary blanket - which she had previously won at auction. Michaela was the winner of the raffle. This kind of generosity is what makes our fundraisers so special. Thank you so much Manuela for your donation and...

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Paragliding Update

Quick reminder - There is still time to go Paragliding! This fundraiser runs until July 22nd  - The website has been updated with photos and videos: Please check it out!...

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Bottle Drive and More

13 year old Helen Connell wanted to raise funds for Sanctuary for Kids, so her first fundraiser was collecting bottles and cans and donating the money to S4K, she has already raised well over $150 and there is another bottle drive on May 13th. Not only that Helen is...

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Cycle to the Sun

Check out this exciting fundraiser by Lisa Gallant on June 24th in the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui. Lisa writes…... "I would like to help your team in your efforts. I am a lifelong athlete and as of late, an amateur bicyclist. Having been inspired by the work of...

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Paragliding for S4K

Date change - May to July 22nd....Action for S4K” brings you a new exciting challenge: “Paragliding – Tandem – Jumps”. They teamed up with a sports-club from the Stuttgart area, who surprised them with an amazing offer that supports “Sanctuary for Kids”: Every single...

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Biathlon for S4K 4

  Update: - February 13th, 2017 Congratulations and thank you to the team for raising $1000.00 for S4K Action for S4K's 4th Biathlon Workshop will take place on February 4th and February 5th at Nordic-Schule Notschrei, Passhöhe 6, 79674 Todtnau. There will be...

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Operation North Pole is Back!

  "Operation North Pole is a fan-run fundraiser for Sanctuary for Kids giving you the opportunity to send Amanda Tapping a Christmas card in exchange for a minimum $10 donation to Sanctuary for Kids. Make a card, buy a card - it's up to you; the goal is to...

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Maltese Challenge

Update: November 1st, 2016 Once again many thanks to our sporting and very faithful supporters “Action for S4K” – final total raised $541.00 for their “Maltese Challenge” – Awesome! September 27th, 2016 “Action for S4K”’s second fundraiser in Malta will happen on...

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Squats for Nepal

  UPDATE – October 4th, 2016 Congratulations to Nicole and our warmest appreciation for raising the fabulous amount of  $1623.25 September 9th, 2016  Nicole Gillespie – whom you may remember raised money for S4K by doing 1000 push-ups. Challenged herself yet...

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Ironbike for S4K

September 5th, 2016 – Patty Marugg, a long-time supporter of S4K has kindly volunteered her boyfriend Patrick to raise funds for S4K by competing in this bike event. He will race over 77 km (48 miles) on September 30th, 2016. Please encourage Patrick by donating at...

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Splashdiving for S4K

UPDATE:– August  15th – $1,043 raised –  a big thank you to our incredible athletes!! June 30th, 2016 – Check out this next fundraiser from ‘Action For S4K’ Participation in the ‘2016 World Spash Diving Champtionships’, which will be locally live-broadcasted...

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Caring Cans for Sanctuary

Once again Donna Carr spent quite a lot of time raising money for S4K – $1000 for recycyling cans and bottles and accepting generous donations from other sources – for a very impressive total of $1,300.25 This is Donna’s account. “I raised $1000.00 from recycling...

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Biathlon for S4K 3

As you can see the total raised this year was $1078 – over $350 more than last year! Wonderful. And once again a sincere thankyou to everyone involved. Click the following links and you can visit the fundraisers Facebook Page and see their videos on their YouTube...

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Maltese Crossing

UPDATE: Sept 15/2015 – Total money raised for Bea’s latest successful fundraiser = $1,060 – Thank you so very much Malta is an archipelago situated in the Mediterranean Sea south of Sicily, Italy. It is one of the worlds smallest and most densely populated countries...

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Hike & Roll for S4K

UPDATE – June 29th, 2015 Huge thanks to the team for organizing the event and raising $1,600 Participants: Team Switzerland: Claudia, Patrick, Claudia #2, Philipp, Patrizia, Köbi, Jaqueline, Martina and ROCKY Team Germany: Vera, Carmen, Kathrin, Natascha, Bea Thanks...

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Longfellow Elementary

2015 UPDATE – May 31st, 2015 The kids held their photo booth last week and it was a great success! The students and the staff at Longfellow Elementary school were very supportive and the kids earned $165 in profits which was donated to S4K This amount was also matched...

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Rainbows of Love & Ripples of Hope

AUSTRALIA Update – May, 2015 We are so very happy to announce that the final amount raised by “Rainbows of Love and Ripples of Hope” was $2,486 – Fantastic – thank you so much. Nicole and Joke started their adventure with a 50km non-stop hike in Brisbane which took...

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Concert to Raise Funds for S4K

POLAND – 2 More Fabulous Concerts April 20th, 2015 CoOperate Orchestra will once again (for the 11th time!) perform a concert raising funds for S4K 🙂 The concert will take place Monday May 4th at 8pm and a 2nd concert has been scheduled for May 5th at 8pm. In light of...

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UK – Cape Town Cycle Tour Challenge

Update April 8th Rasheeda and her sister Labieba raised over $400 for S4K – Thank you both so much and what a wonderful trip. Excerpts from Rasheeda February’s account of their journey. Cape Town Cycle Tour 2015  … and beyond … Not even the disappointment of the...

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Canada – Caring Cans for S4K

February 24th, 2015 This is a late posting for a fundraising initiative which took place last summer. Donna Carr spent time collecting cans, bottles etc. for recycling, donating the refund money to Sanctuary for Kids.  By spreading the word to friends and neighbours...

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UK – Scavenger Hunt Before AT8

February 20th, 2015 If you are attending AT8 in London, here is really fun event, a scavenger hunt through London, being held on Thursday April 9th, 2015. (Sign up by March 1st) You can follow the group on twitter @FindingS4K. $5 min. donation all proceeds to S4K....

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2014 Community Posts

SWITZERLAND - Full Charge Ahead For S4K February 9th 2014 Following their successful fundraiser "Going the Extra Mile on Horse Bikes and Foot", Claudia and Patty, raised $360 for Patty's beautiful photographs of horses, a few of them are posted below. In addition to...

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2013 Community Posts

2013 Community Posts SCOTLAND - Shaving my Head for S4K December 16th, 2013 - UPDATE.....Julia Smith bravely shaved her head on December 10th and raised an astonishing $2,005. As Julia said "I believe everyone has the ability to make the world a better place for the...

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2012 Community Posts

2012 Community Posts Orchestra Back by Popular Demand This Friday, November 30th, the CoOperate Orchestra and Choir will perform "Dry Your Tears" in Poznan, Poland. With over 200 people standing or sitting in the aisles at the concert in October, Patrycja Kubiak and...

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2011 Community Posts

2011 Community posts Christmas Card Fundraiser Operation North Pole is back this year. You can still send a message to Amanda that she will receive for Christmas! Book of Illumination Small Pebbles invite you to take part in...

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2009/2010 Community Posts

2009/2010 Community Posts Sanctuary Experience Calendar Fans from convention are selling a calendar and giving proceeds to Sanctuary for Kids. (To order..) Greeting card fundraisers have a life of their own! Kyla and Krystle ran a highly successful birthday card...

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