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Blues is a specific form of music that originated in the USA at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century – and is not a precursor of baby blues. as baby blues is a low mood that affects women shortly after giving birth. Men should also be affected and get their “howling days”.


The postpartum mood swing, like that baby blues Officially, it occurs in the first few days after birth and subsides within hours or days. So no problem? Well, the affected mothers and possibly also fathers see it differently. But first it should be said that this condition really only has to last for a short time.

Baby blues – a disease of civilization

It is noteworthy that the baby blues does not occur in many indigenous peoples and only affects women in industrial societies. Is the birth of a child no longer a natural process for you? Or are they suddenly afraid of the future, either the baby’s or their own, that they might not be able to properly care for the baby? Is it hormonal causes that regulate themselves again after a short time?

baby blues

There are two other possible causes. It could be the exhaustion after the birth, which is usually not easy. And it could be the bleak situation in the hospital, because most mothers are still in the hospital these days. Then the joy of being able to escape this environment again ensures that the baby blues give way to more optimistic feelings. It is very rare that the mother has to suffer from it for a long time.

Of course, an understanding and helpful partner is also an important factor that quickly helps out of this slight depression. It is nice of him if he is present during this time or at least can be reached by phone at any time if he cannot take time off. And the partner should also be willing to do so. After all, he knows about the birth some time in advance and can then plan the business appointments accordingly.

postpartum depression

In some cases, it can also be more difficult for the mother. In fact, only when the changes that are ahead of her caused by the baby seem like an insurmountable obstacle and there is no one there to help her get over them can it lead to postpartum depression and thus to a serious illness. It is characterized by prolonged depression and extreme fear of failure as a mother.

Then medical help is urgently needed for the mother.

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