What an weekend! An enormous thank you to Julia and the wonderful folk at GABIT who outdid themselves once again and created an outstanding event at the Renaissance Hotel Heathrow in London, UK. There was much laughter, many tears, adorable dogs and puppies – a wonderful love-fest for this the last “AT” event. However, there was considerable discussion about the possibility of future event(s) for “Amanda and guest”. Watch for news from GABIT. Thanks to the enormous generosity of the attendees over $66,000 (Can) was raised for S4K. (A substantial amount was also raised for “Hearing Dogs for the Deaf” a remarkable organization).

This broke all previous records for money raised at an AT event and is particularly important this year as we announce that ‘Sanctuary for Kids’ as an organization will be shutting down at the end of this year. Our charities were advised a while ago to enable them to look at other funding possibilities. However the amount raised this past weekend will go a long way to providing a contingency fund for them moving forward, and our hope is that you will continue your support over the coming months in order to bolster the fund as much as possible until we close down at the end of 2018. We also hope you will consider continuing your support of the individual charities by donating directly to them in the future.

Amanda will of course continue her charitable work and her future endeavours will likely be focused on helping children.

Thank-you for your unwavering support and generosity. Please stay tuned we are not finished yet!