One Girl’s Story Of Surviving Trafficking

When Kalpana was 10 years old, her mother committed suicide and her father remarried immediately after her mother’s funeral. Kalpana was oldest child in her family, and her step-mother verbally and physically abused her. She was not given any books for school, so she used to sell things in the street so she could earn enough money to support her education. When she was 14, a women from her village who worked in Kathmandu, saw the family situation and persuaded Kalpana to come to Kathmandu with her.  Kalpana was so excited about her new life, and did not understand what she was getting into. The women ran a massage parlour in the tourist district of Thamel, and she made Kalpana help unpaid.

When she was there. Kalpana fell in love with a man who used the massage parlour and went to live with him in his home town. After a few months, they found out that she was pregnant. Her husband decided to go to India to work to support her, and left Kalpana with her in-laws.  She was only 15, pregnant, alone and without any support.

As time went by, she was abused by her in-laws so much that she could not bear it, so she ran away when she was 8 months pregnant, coming back to Kathmandu and started working in the massage centre again.

She was trafficked to India when she was nine months pregnant from that massage centre. She gave birth to a baby girl in an Indian brothel; her daughter was sent to child care by the brothel owner and made Kalpana work in the brothel. 7 months later,  Kalpana managed to escape when there was a brothel raid. She successfully escaped but was worried about her daughter. The Indian Police helped rescue her daughter and sent them back to Nepal.

Still Kapana hasn’t found a stable home for herself and she has remarried several times. Due to her instability in relationships, we have not been successful reintegrating her daughter with her. Asha Nepal has tried to help Kalpana so much, but due to the long-term impact of her traumatic life experiences, she is presently unable to commit to looking after her children.
Her daughter will probably need our support until she is 18 or older.

Our Family Group Homes

In 2011 we set up our first Family Group Home (Foster Home), located two minutes’ walk from the Asha office. The home caters for up to 6 children, living as part of the family with the House Mother.

Due to the success of the first Family Group Home, we have split the Children’s Home, where institutionalisation was becoming evident, into several Family Group Homes, and moved the girls into smaller group homes with a House Mother. 

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