“Action for S4K!” will to be back on the springboard / platform – July 29th/30th for “The World Championship Splashdiving Championship 2017”

In addition to participating, they teamed up with Splashdiving.com for the following international join-in activity in aid of Sanctuary for Kids, and hope that many of you will join the movement, as you can take part online and at the event:

The “Loving Peace Bomb” Hashtag: #PeaceBomb

Why this strange title for a fundraiser? Splashdiving is unfortunately strongly connected to the word bomb, because the name of the original jump itself is formed with the “bomb” or another word of violence in many languages: English: Poolbomb or Cannonball – German: Arschbombe- Italian: Tuffo a Bomba

“Splashdiving“ is a very peaceful sport, completely opposing violence and racism, standing for international friendships, help and humanitarian work.

That is why they ask EVERYONE to do a Loving #PeaceBomb – a cannonball – in aid of “Sanctuary for Kids”! – Please help them spread the word!

Click here for further information and instructions: https://www.stoptalkingstartmoving.com/s4k-fundraisers/current-s4k-fundraiser/splashdiving_2-the-loving-peacebomb/