A photo book as a modern photo album for family photos

What is the most valuable thing in the world for you? Surely your answer is “My family!”. This is exactly why almost all of us take countless photos of our loved ones throughout our lives: we want to preserve the memories of our relatives – the memory of what they looked like when they were younger, what they loved to do and what we loved them for. We especially like to look at such photos with our family. The recordings with memories become particularly valuable when we can no longer be together either temporarily or permanently – for example, when our own daughter is studying abroad for a year or a family member leaves us forever. Unfortunately, this is also part of the course of events, so that the careful preservation of our family photo treasures is extremely important. In the meantime, many use the so-called photo book for this purpose. This is a modern twist on the classic photo album.

Photo book versus classic photo album

If you want to create a photo book as a modern photo album for family photos, the first thing to ask is what the advantages of a photo book are. This question is relatively easy to answer: A photo book is usually created using software from the photo book provider. It therefore uses digital recordings, which should be more widespread today than negatives, slides and thus also the classic prints on paper.

At least with current photos, users save themselves a crucial intermediate step that they often have to complete today when creating a classic photo album: You don’t have to order prints first to design a photo book.

In addition, the programs for photo book design are now very mature and do not only allow the mere depiction of family photos. As a rule, numerous additional functions are available to the user. Depending on your taste, you can create truly exuberant or subtly simple works. The design of a photo book also appears professional because the dimensions and layouts can look the same on all pages if necessary – family photos that are glued in at an angle, which in case of doubt even come loose later and are thus lost, are no longer a problem.

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The contents of a family photo book

Precisely because many families are constantly taking new photos of themselves, it is often not just the creation of a single family photo book. Once you’ve been persuaded, you’ll carry on and will possibly give the many individual books their own specific themes. A photo book might then tell the story of how a new family member took everyone’s hearts by storm, another might tell the long-awaited family vacation in a special place, and another might simply document how a beautiful garden was created with the help of all family members .

If you create a lot of photo books, it is best to always design the cover and spine in such a way that everyone who looks at them can immediately recognize the subject of the volume. This protects against long search and clearing operations and over time a clear collection of family photos is created. It is also clever to include a CD with your photo book, on which you can find all the photos shown (and maybe more) as files. This way, prints or other photo products can be ordered later if required. However, it is important to note the half-life of CDs as archive media.

The photo book as an heirloom

It has already been mentioned above that family photos are of great emotional importance. Anyone who sets about creating a photo book as a modern photo album for family photos is well advised to also think about the future. A photo book that their parents created years ago can mean a lot to their own children later on.

Not only the photos will be worth seeing: A photo book also indirectly shows what was important to mother or father and is therefore an expression of the respective personality. In order for a photo book to actually be able to capture long-term memories, the person who creates it should pay attention to the materials used in the production of the book.

If, for example, the binding comes loose after a short time or if the pictures fade, the photo book may not turn out to be the special heirloom you wished for your children. In addition, a photo book should be stored carefully: A hardcover protects the work more intensively than a softcover and is therefore forgiving of some bumps. Some photo book providers also offer their customers special boxes or covers for the photo book in order to be able to keep it safe. Moisture, heat and other negative influences must always be avoided so that the joy of the photo book lasts for a long time.

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