2013 Community Posts

SCOTLAND – Shaving my Head for S4K

December 16th, 2013 – UPDATE…..Julia Smith bravely shaved her head on December 10th and raised an astonishing $2,005. As Julia said “I believe everyone has the ability to make the world a better place for the next generation”. Yes indeed – Thank you so much.

October 4, 2013  Julia’s plan is to shave her head, down to just stubble sometime in December. She is asking people to donate money to support this daring move. You can support her using hashtag #hair. She is doing this because she wants to others with disabilities, and to show them that while they might need help often, they can all still help others.  Everyone can make a difference no matter what their personal life challenges might be. Look for an update with the final result in December!


CANADA – Bracelets for S4K

Donna Carr created these beautiful bracelets and donated the money she made ($200) to S4K. She said “I cannot think of a better mission than what Sanctuary for Kids stands for – to improve the lives of children around the world”.

Thank you Donna!

donnas bracelets2

AUSTRALIA – Push-Ups for S4K

December 4th, 2013 – UPDATE …….. “SHE DID IT!”

Congratulations to Nicole. What a superhuman effort – 1000 pushups completed which raised a fantastic $1,212.81 for Sanctuary for Kids.Thank you so much!

November 16th, 2013 – Support and sponsor Nicole Gillespie (gillespie_99 on twitter) as she does 1000 push ups to raise funds for Sanctuary for Kids (S4K). Good Luck Nicole! You go girl!

Nicole Gillespie push ups


Christmas Nevermore

Please check out this wonderful book by Marc Cadieux and Herve Bastien. A beautifully written and illustrated Christmas story. The authors are generously donating part of the proceeds from the sale of the books to S4K. The perfect Christmas gift. Thank you so much. UPDATE…Kindle edition is available at Amazon.com

Christmas Nevermore S



USA – The Shadows Walk

Nikki Lyn is generously donating $2 for each sale of her new book “The Shadows Walk” (“Immortalis” saga) to S4K.

You can check it out here – immortalissaga.webs.com the book is also available from Amazon.  Thanks so much Nikki.
Immortalis bookS

GERMANY – Swimming for S4K

– Beatrice Lang swam for one hour straight for her “Swimming for S4K” fundraiser. She received approval from the City of Boeblingen in Germany for this event and raised an incredible $1,822.00  Well done Bea!

Bea Lang Swim


POLAND – 5th fundraising concert in Poland

October 24th, 2013 – Patrycja Kubiak and the CoOperate Orchestra performed “Call of the Champions” in Poznan, Poland which featured music from “Indiana Jones”, “Star Wars”, “Home Alone”, “Spiderman” and “Call of the Champions”. Over the years they have performed to packed audiences and raised thousands of dollars for S4K. This time they raised $900 – Thank you so much.

Cooperate orchestra champions 

FINLAND – Sanneke And Sanna Hike for S4K

August 2013 – The Fjällräven Classic is a yearly organized event that takes place in Swedish Lapland. Sanna and Sanneke hiked the110 km with with full packs, weighing little over 15 kg each. This challenging hike took 5 days and raised $1,200 for S4K. What a wonderful experience!
Sanna pic

GERMANY – Community Celebration Honours S4K

August 1, 2013 When Hannah of Stuttgart, was Christened this spring, her mother arranged for the church collection to go towards Sanctuary for Kids. This raised $440 for the charity and gave a new perspective to Hannah and her brother Jan, pictured here. Thank you!



AUSTRALIA – Road to Sanctuary

August, 2013 – Joke Van Laere or Brisbane, Australia –  raised an amazing $2,672 for S4K through her “Rainbow Run for Mila” in remembrance of her young niece. Thank you so much Joke.

Joke Van Laere


UK – Road to Sanctuary

August, 2013 – Another contributor to Road to Sanctuary was Tara Kala Wong who raised $175.00 for her walk

Thanks Tara.

tara kala wong


UK – Fishing @ O’Neills Fundraiser

July 2013 – Fundraiser ran by a group of fans called Fishing for S4K. They raised an incredible $2375 through things like online auction, quizzes and blue jello!
Thanks people!

fishing at ONeils

CANADA – Following one’s Passion

July 6, 2013: So Malvina Landen of Vancouver, BC grew up as a huge fan of Stargate. She taught herself to draw and paint by capturing the face of Amanda Tapping. Twelve years later, she has developed considerable skill. In fact, many people agree with her. In less than two months she has raised over $12,300 by selling four drawings and a painting of Amanda. What a way to discover one’s gifts! Thank you!



UK – Fishing for Sanctuary for Kids

July 6, 2013: This coming week, a birthday party in London for Jessica De Vries will also be raising money for Sanctuary for Kids. over $180 has already been raised in preparation for the event. There will be an online auction for those who will not be in town. Cheers, and happy birthday, Jessica!

fishing v2

USA – Penny Harvest

In June, 2013 – S4K received $350.00 donation from “Penny Harvest” – A big thank you to the students of Dr. Richard Izquierdo Health & Science Charter School in Bronx, New York. The students raised every cent – one penny at a time and chose to support S4K.  Kids helping kids – fantastic.

penny harvest


POLAND – Another Fabulous Night of Music

April 27th,  Patrycja Kubiak and the CoOperate Orchestra and Choir performed “Flight to Neverland”  for a packed audience in Poznan, Poland. Over $750 was raised for Sanctuary for Kids. Well done!


NEW ZEALAND – Triple Peaks Challenge

March 9, 2013: Jyandra Maciel has completed her 47 km run through New Zealand wine country and whose loyal group of supporters raised over $2000 for S4K along the way. Congratulations, Champa, and thank you!