2012 Community Posts

Orchestra Back by Popular Demand

This Friday, November 30th, the CoOperate Orchestra and Choir will perform “Dry Your Tears” in Poznan, Poland. With over 200 people standing or sitting in the aisles at the concert in October, Patrycja Kubiak and her 243 colleagues decided it was worth a repeat performance. This will be the third concert that they have hosted with all proceeds going to Sanctuary for Kids. Thank you to all organizers and performers!


AT6 Raises over $47000 for Sanctuary for Kids

A very big thanks to the GABIT team who hosted another highly successful fundraising weekend- it is amazing what a small determined group of people can achieve. In addition, it is a warm wonderful time; where friends are re-united, new connections are made, and many laughs are had!

Operation North Pole is Back for a fourth year

If you’re not familiar with the project, a minimum donation of $5 CAD to Sanctuary for Kids gives you the ability to send Amanda Tapping a Christmas card (or letter, drawing, etc.) and since Amanda was kind enough to sign two photos at Fan Expo Toronto, we’ll also have an auction this year! For more information on how to participate you can visit the Facebook page at http://facebook.com/operationnorthpole or, if you prefer Twitter, direct your tweets to @SanctuaryON


VAT 1 Raises $1000

First ever Virtual Amanda Tapping Event unites supporters unable to go to London and participate in the S4K auction in person. Pariticipants played in a virtual scavenger hunt and made personal donations, all in the name of being a part of it all- great fun! Read more

Push Up Challenge

November 9th, 2012 Personal trainer Nicole Gillespie has organized a push up challenge at her fitness centre in Perth, Australia, for this weekend. All proceeds go to Sanctuary for Kids. http://fb.me/181r71RMM


Olympic Torch Bearer, Sunday, July 24th

Julia Hague is one of the Torch Bearers for the Olympic Games in London this weekend. She is working hard to raise awareness for Sanctuary for Kids, through this honour, and is asking people to donate using #TorchFaceLondon2012. Good luck Julia!

3rd Annual Happy Birthday Project

Summer 2012: Project “Happy Birthday from Around the World” is back again this year! A Thank You scrapbook for Amanda Tapping is being put together so fans can tell her how much they appreciate what she’s done for them while raising money for Sanctuary for Kids. You can participate for a minimum donation of $5 – just put “Thank You Scrapbook” in the comments section when you donate.http://amandatappingonline.com/?page_id=859

Bracelets for Charity

June 30, 2012: Tina Nowatchik is making corded bracelets and donating the proceeds to Sanctuary for Kids. For $5, you can have one of these homemade bracelets. Check out sizing and details on her blog: http://sanctuary082803.blogspot.ca/


A Virtual Village Video Game

June 14, 2012: Loved building the S4K Village? We invite you to play an interactive video game in the spirit of that fundraiser.  Show that you want to live with S4K, Amanda and all fans/supporters and make a donation to build your own virtual
house, with your own virtual character. Everyone who downloads the
finished game can visit your house then and learn about you. Or use
one of the many many other contribution ideas. Place a gravestone of
honor for someone you loved, so everyone can read your praise. Add
your own humor, figures and action. Possibilties are endless where the real world
ends. Horrible humor and merciless 2D included for a good cause.


To check out Amanda’s Village, go to

http://www.conventionwoes.com/ or @ConventionWoes on Twitter

Throwing Shot Put for S4K


Summer 2012: Single mum Sue Rann, of Hexham, Northumberland, is challenging an age-old stereotype this summer by entering the Highland Games as a novice thrower in the Heavy Events: shot put, scottish hammer, throwing the weight for distance, weight over bar, and tossing the caber. All proceeds go to Sanctuary for Kids.

47-year-old Sue was dubious at first because she was English, and thought only Scots could compete, but soon discovered that people all over the world, from Canada to Eastern Europe to Iceland, hold Highland Games! But the biggest surprise was that at most of the Games she has entered, she will be the only female competitor. “It’s been a real eye-opener,” Sue says. “When I called the Games committees, they were all terrifically polite, but obviously quite taken aback to be approached by a woman. Of the twenty or so Games I’m competing in this summer, only two or three have Ladies’ Heavy Events – in all the rest, I have to enter the Open Heavy Events with the men, and throw the men’s weights.” These can weigh up to 56 lbs! check out Sue’s blog and consider making a donation to S4K to support her in her efforts. http://www.throwingmyweightsaround.com

Running for a Cause


June 8, 2012:  Congratulations to Angela Malmberg and Christina Christensen, who just completed a 10 K run, raising over $400 for S4K.http://runningfors4k.wordpress.com/

Postcards for Amanda


Have you got something you’d love to tell Amanda Tapping but you’ve been too scared to say it?  Has she changed your life in a way you can’t express?  Here’s your chance to say it anonymously.  No fear of sounding like a fool and no fear of stuttering over your words.  Small Pebbles are organising a positive fundraiser called Postcards to Amanda.  The cards will be sent in one package at the beginning of August, 2012, so that they hopefully reach Amanda for her birthday.  There is no minimum or maximum donation on this one, and everyone with something positive to say to Amanda can join in. Follow the link for more information.

Raising Hunger Awareness for S4K

On the 22nd of Feb Emily Ahern and Sarah van Breda will begin an attempt to live for one week on just $2 of food and drink a day (the international poverty line).  They wish to raise sponsorship and then donate all proceeds to Sanctuary for Kids, and also to bring awareness to the facts of life for so many less fortunate than ourselves. http://two-dollars-a-day.blogspot.com.au/

No Caffeine for Sanctuary for Kids

Nat Emery is giving up caffeine for the week of February 1st – 7th. She is seeking sponsors to keep her motivated in her pursuit of a caffeine-free week. Since this is a very strong addiction, this is a serious matter. She will be donating all proceeds to S4K. For more info: http://www.smallpebbles.org.uk/dev/?p=1660


Weight Loss for Sanctuary for Kids

Tina Nowatchik set herself a three month goal and has lost 29.5 lbs, 4 inches from her waist and 3 inches from her hips. She got sponsors to see her through the process and has donated her collection to S4K. Way to go Tina!


Before                                              After

Apple Who Travels Fundraiser

Until February 10th, one of our signed copies of Apple Rocks and Apple Boxes  will be taking a global trek, and making money for us along the way. If you were not able to get a copy of the big and would like to be a part of this fundraiser, check out the blog.