11th Month: Boundaries are important

Your baby will soon be celebrating its first birthday! It’s no longer the helpless baby who can’t do anything without you. While it still needs a lot of care and help, its independence grows and grows.

Curiosity is your child’s constant companion in the 11th month. It can already stand, bend and sit on its own. It may even be able to walk with the help of your hand. It will also meet you when you put it on by stretching out its hand or leg.

Itself is the child

You should pay attention to the moment when your child drinks from a cup alone. It may well be that as soon as he has finished drinking, he does not set the cup down gently but slams it down on the table with all his might. It will also purposely drop objects on the ground for someone to pick them up. Once these things have arrived, the independence of your offspring will develop step by step. Every day he will try to be more independent, but of course he still needs his parents. If your little one wants to eat and drink alone, you should accept and support this, because as the saying goes: practice makes perfect!

11th month

set limits

By 11 months of development, your child will already understand simple instructions and will occasionally ignore them on purpose. You should give the word “no” more weight by only using it for actions that are truly dangerous. While your baby may have forgotten most of what you taught her today, it’s still important to set boundaries and teach her the difference between right and wrong.

However, you should always explain why something is wrong. For example, if your child grabs a cat a little tighter, look him in the eye and tell him that’s not right because it will hurt the cat. After that, show him how to properly pet the cat. Discovering something new is more important for your baby than heeding your warnings. This makes it all the more important to protect and educate your child at the same time.

Your baby will increasingly question all your prohibitions and instructions, testing how serious you are. It often understands exactly what you mean by a particular instruction, yet it pretends not to understand and ignores it. For you, this means sticking with it and taking the consequences! Because in the future, your little one will be testing their limits anew every day. This is the only way it can learn what is right and what is wrong.

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