Back in 2008 we, Amanda, Damian and Jill, set out to form a charitable organization that helped children in crisis around the world. After a year of researching different not-for-profits and meeting with business leaders we created Sanctuary for Kids, a not-for-profit organization that would give a marketing voice to small but amazing organizations.

Sanctuary for Kids was launched in November of 2009 and as of December 2015 has raised over $800,000. The bulk of this money has been used to educate more than 160 children in Nepal, and Haiti. We contribute to the feeding and housing of these children and provide important extra support to homeless teens in Canada. In addition, 20% of our funds have been donated to crisis funding around the world. The money has been raised through many events, including personal initiatives by supporters, summer and winter campaigns, on-line auctions, booth-sales at conventions and a major recurring fundraising event hosted and organized by GABIT in the UK and their incredible team. In addition, the regular monthly donations by generous supporters provide the backbone for the funds.


Amanda provides the voice and face to our organization, speaking at engagements and fundraisers internationally. She is driven by her passion for children and motivated by her tremendously generous fan base. Her career spans over 20 years and as an actor she has starred in several hit series including Stargate SG-1 and Sanctuary, which she co-produced. She is also highly regarded for her work as a director for film and television. Amanda lives in Vancouver with her husband and daughter.


Damian is a founding member and visionary who still sits on the foundation’s board of directors. He has been writing and producing television for more than 20 years.  He created Sanctuary and was a writer/executive producer on Fox Tv’s Sleepy Hollow, and is currently developing Kryton for Syfy. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Jill, and their two daughters.

JILL BODIE, Director

Jill maintains close relations with our charities, speaking with them regularly, getting updates, and keeping donors informed through our blog. Jill is a teacher and life coach. She is passionate about helping people achieve their greatest potentials. She works with the charities to maintain their connection us and to our donor base. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Damian, and their children.


Sylvia is the organization’s administrator. She manages the donor side of operations, facilitating community events, responding to inquiries and maintaining S4K’s books and website. She is the go to person for our everyday operations. She has an extensive background in business administration, communications and project management. She lives in Vancouver.

Beyond raising money, we seem to have built a community- of friends first and foremost, and of people who together want to make a difference and have found that that change begins within themselves. People are pushing themselves to be their best selves as they raise this money for Sanctuary for Kids. They are making pilgrimages to work in Nepal. They are donating to causes within their local communities by being inspired by this virtual one. They are sharing their work with others. This both inspiring and gratifying to the four of us.

S4K was founded by Amanda Tapping, Damian Kindler, and Jill Bodie through their connection to the ground-breaking Syfy television series Sanctuary the first to use green-screen technology for creating extraordinary visual effects and virtual sets.


Sanctuary for Kids supports international and local charities that provide vital aid to children and youth in crisis.

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