The charities which Sanctuary for Kids supports have been very carefully chosen. Part of our selection process includes determining which organizations will benefit significantly from the marketing boost that comes from S4K and our connections. We ensure that 100% of the money donated goes directly to the children and the programs that support them. Through the years, in addition to our four charities, we have supported schools in Haiti, and Ghana, and we have contributed to various crisescampaigns through Save the Children.Since its inception in November 2009, S4K has  raised over $800,000. We are committed to maintaining our relationships with these organizations and their children.


Work At Home: Watari’s Transitioning To Independence Program(TIP) And The Transitioning To Independence Program For Parenting Youth (TIP2)
Watari created their youth housing program in 2007 to assist vulnerable young people in engaging with their communities by becoming housed in market housing and supported to develop the skills required to maintain this housing. Initially focused on youth struggling with substance use and mental health issues, 20 subsidies and weekly peer based programming became the backbone of the Transitioning to Independence Program (TIP. In 2009 the program added 10 subsidies for pregnant and parenting youth (TIP2) who were homeless. Over the years, the program has housed over 90 young people, 27 children and 11 partners with 82% of these youth still housed after their subsidy access has ended. In addition, 11% have completed college and almost 100% of the families are no longer in need of ministry oversight.

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November, 2016

Sanctuary for Kids’ initiative tackles several crucial elements that addresses gaps in service. This approach allows youth to access treatment or family support while maintaining their housing. Sanctuary for Kids provides starter kits to help each individual and family set up their homes. In addition, we also provide a transportation fund. Transportation is a huge barrier for the youth and we are working to make that a non-issue for them. Bus tickets to jobs and training programs, cab fares when necessary- these make a world of difference. Sometimes our funding goes to other barriers to employment such as tools, boots, and training programs. Sometimes these seemingly little things make all the difference for a person to move forward in their lives.


Established in 2005, Nepal Orphans Home attends to the welfare of children in Nepal who are orphaned, abandoned, or not supported by their parents. The foundation currently cares for 150 children in 4 separate homes, each of which are known as Papa’s House. Many of these children have been removed from situations where they had been sold into indentured servitude.The mission of Nepal Orphans Home is not just to rescue children from abject poverty, but to enable the children to develop and realize their potentials.

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June, 2016

We continue to primarily support the girls at Gumba House (Sanctuary House) at NOH. Since 2010 we have paid for the lease and food for the 28 girls in this home. In addition, our support covers their education costs. Our relationship with NOH began with a capital donation to help establish a permanent campus for the children. 2015 was an exciting year indeed, allowing NOH to purchase its first property and making good use of this donation. The property has a large home that the boys now occupy and room for the construction of the Chelsea Education and Community Center which will begin soon. S4K contributed early seed money to the center and love how its mission has evolved from teaching the children a variety of trades and technical computer to teaching the wider community. At present 200 women attend classes daily to learn English, Math, Nepali writing and reading, and basic computer skills. In this way, NOH is powerfully helping to transform its small village beyond its own needs.


Asha Nepal is a UK-registered charity working for the rights of women and girls in Nepal. Asha is the Nepali word for hope. Asha supports, houses and rehabilitates girls and young women who have been victims of sex trafficking, sexual and physical abuse, child labour, and discrimination due to gender, caste and HIV/Aids. Asha provides a community in the form of psycho-social support and counselling, healthcare, legal support, education and training, to help women and girls to become self-sufficient and fully re-integrate into society.

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November, 2015

Sanctuary for Kids fully supports the education of 88 children at Asha Nepal, including 19 children in the children’s home in Kathmandu, 15 children in three foster homes, and 54 children that are supported in the community that otherwise would be unable to go to school, and at high risk of domestic labour. Without this support, these children and teenagers would not be able to go to school, and would be left very vulnerable to domestic labour and to trafficking. From very difficult backgrounds, they have been given hope, and a route to independent living.


Next Generation Nepal supports children whose parents have been manipulated into giving their children to traffickers under the false belief that they were being offered full sponsorship and care for a reputable boarding school education. Next Generation Nepal preserves family unity and strengthens communities by reconnecting trafficked children with their parents and culture.

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November, 2016

Sanctuary for Kids contributes funds to rebuidling Nepali communities after the earthquake and which provide education and housing to youth as they complete high school. NGN continues to work in one of the worst affected areas of the earthquakes, where people still face homelessness as well as extreme poverty. Fortunately, most schools in the district have been re-built and are providing education and safety for the children in these areas. Current NGN resources are focusing time and efforts on awareness campaigns on the dangers of child trafficking. Through these campaigns and our police check posts interception, we are able to rescue a large number of children who are or would be trafficked.

The Empowerment Program continues to flourish as the youth thrive. NGN has 20 youth who are victims of trafficking and who have been supported for the past 10 years and are now in college, university or technical programs.

Rescues remain a mission priority and S4K aids in these too. Last year NGN conducted 3 rescues which included 70 children. All of these kids have been reunified with their families or are in the re-connection process and hopefully will be able to return home soon.


Sanctuary for Kids supports international and local charities that provide vital aid to children and youth in crisis.

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